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About RFH

Connect & Collaborate: Core values that guide our work.

As both a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation and a program of Rotary District 5030, RFH works with farmers, truckers, volunteers and others to bring valuable skills and resources into hunger relief efforts in communities across Washington state and beyond.

Below are lists of information, including our Mission Statement, Strategic Objectives, information about our Board of Directors and staff, and RFH policies and financial reports.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Rotary First Harvest’s work, ongoing programs, partnerships or opportunities.


• Feed the hungry with surplus nutritious food
• Access and improve food distribution and transportation systems
• Develop and share innovative hunger relief solutions
• Engage Rotarians in hunger relief

Strategic Objective One: Engage Rotary clubs & members in the work of Rotary First Harvest

To increase support for the work of RFH from both Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians with special emphasis on increased financial support and work party participation.

Strategic Objective 2: Engage the community in supporting hunger relief

Develop programs that help non-Rotarians support our efforts to reduce hunger and food waste.

Strategic Objective 3: Serve as a convener to develop solutions to reduce hunger and food waste

Build partnerships and networks that increase procurement and improve distribution of healthy foods to hungry families and individuals.

RFH Board of Directors 2018-2019

Jim Tanasse, President

Julie Shott, President-elect

Lisa Mayfield, Immediate Past President

Stan Kehl, Treasurer

Bob Olson, Secretary

Rosemary Aragon

Sten Crissey

Devon Hay

Rebecca Jay

Morris Kremen

Bill MacDonald

Adam Mihlstin

John Sheller

Vijya Patel

Pam Romine

David Siebert

RFH Staff

David Bobanick, Executive Director
Katy Boehm, Program & Operations Director
Lori Church, Development Director
Chris LaRoche, HAH Program Director

Maria Francisco-Mendez, HAH VISTA Leader