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What can you get for one dollar?  If you donate to Rotary First Harvest, every dollar you donate equals roughly 30 pounds of healthy produce for families and individuals at food banks in our communities.  How about that bin of fresh apples in the photo?  That equals a donation of $30.  $30!   Thinking of something a little bigger?  A donation of $1,333 would equal an entire truckload of produce for those in need.

Ready to help?  Follow this link to make a secure online donation to support RFHs work using Click & Pledge.

With just four staff members, Rotary First Harvest works to connect and collaborate with partners in the trucking, farming and food banking sectors.  By combining existing resources, we can leverage donations to have the greatest impact possible.


Support RFH

Are you a farmer, produce broker, trucking company owner or warehouse operator with unused product that you would like to donate? Please email us here.

RFH Gift Cards are a perfect gift for your clients, family, friends, club speakers or any occasion. See program details and an order form.

Make an online donation to provide healthy produce for people who rely on help from their
local food pantry or meal program.