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Farm to Food Pantry



Farm to Food Pantry is a unique partnership between the Washington Department of Agriculture Food Assistance Program, Rotary First Harvest and Harvest Against Hunger that was developed to support local growers as well as bring fresh, nutritious produce into the hunger relief system. The resulting relationship structure allowed participating growers to donate additional produce without impacting their existing business model.

F2FP Partners

OrchardFarmers across Washington report the desire to work with local hunger relief programs. However, continuously donating produce does increase costs.
Mike in MLFood Pantries across Washington would like to provide as much healthy local produce as possible to the thousands of Washingtonians who request food assistance.


F2FP Shared Interests

Farmers and food pantries share many common interests, from reducing food waste and hunger to creating sustainable food system that provide for all citizens. The Farm to Food Pantry program helped to form and strengthen relationships between the farmers and the growers, including:

  1. An increased amount of local produce was delivered into the emergency food system
  2. Local growers were supported by creating new distribution and purchasing relationships
  3. Mechanisms to encourage future donations of fresh produce were established – particularly nutrient-dense items that are not typically available through other hunger relief distribution channels
  4. Even a small amount of cash in hand at the beginning of the growing season can help new growers to improve and expand their operations, providing critical security for those who may be interested in farming at a smaller scale.


F2FP Area of Activity

By design, the six participating sites comprised a mix of urban and rural programs, as well as eastern and western Washington state.  Click on the interactive map below to see detailed information about each site partner.

F2FP By the Numbers


Participating farms


Participating food pantries


Total pounds purchased


Purchased & Donated


Total pounds donated

F2FP Models


Fresh Sheet Model: commits a certain monetary amount to purchase unspecified types of produce, determined later in growing based upon production overages.


Pre-Contracting Model: specifies type, quantity and cost of produce at outset of growing season with farm distributing directly to food pantry.

Colville Glean

Post-Harvest Model: commits a certain amount of funding at outset of season, but food pantry pays for produce once harvested and distributed.

F2FP Site Details and Notes

We are grateful to our partner sites for their dedicated efforts to develop new Farm to Food Pantry models in their communities. Each model was slightly different, and each model is helping to continue to improve the overall Farm to Food Pantry program. To learn more about each program, click on the links below.

F2FP Download Full Report

The full report is available on the Harvest Against Hunger Produce Recovery Guide. Follow this link to view the report and to learn more about gleaning and produce recovery programs HAH is building across Washington.