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Standard RFH Gift Card

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“The best gift I’ve ever received!”  That was the response from a recipient of a Rotary First Harvest gift card.  Imagine being able to give a gift with such a powerful positive impact.

Rotary First Harvest gift cards are beautiful, embossed cards that include an insert card that can be customized to convey any message you would like.  RFH cards have been used by many Rotary clubs to thank their program speakers, special guests, students of the month, and to welcome new members.

RFH cards are also used to honor birthdays, weddings, holidays, graduations, anniversaries and as a memorial card.  Many businesses will use RFH cards to thank clients, to celebrate a new sale or as a simple (but meaningful) token of appreciation.

Ordering the cards is easy:

Step 1) Determine the message you would like to use.

Step 2) Determine the amount you would like to donate per card.  RFH multiplies that amount times 60 servings of produce we can gather per donated dollar.  An example would be $20 = 1,200 servings of produce for those in need in our community.

Step 3) Contact our Development Director, Lori Church, or Program and Operations Director Katy Boehm for additional details or answers to your questions.

Step 4) Fill out this form and submit it via fax, mail or email using the instructions on the page.