Rotary First Harvest | Grower Round Tables

Grower Round Tables

Rotary First Harvest, in partnership with Washington State Department of Agriculture and the Washington Food Coalition, hosted a series of Grower Round Table meetings across Washington to better understand and support growers relationships with their community, state and the wider hunger relief network.

The purpose of the Grower Round Tables is to better understand:

  • Growers’ perceptions about their role within the hunger relief system;
  • Growers’ motivations for participating in produce recovery and giving back to community;
  • Growers’ assessment of successes and challenges within the emergency food system, and
  • Best methods for promoting farmers and supporting their efforts towards hunger alleviation.

These discussions inform our program development efforts and are directly related to new projects like Farm to Food Pantry.

Our Harvest Against Hunger program partners continue to use Grower Round Tables as a way to engage local farmers and further develop programs that help to improve local food systems while reducing food waste and hunger in communities statewide.




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