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New Year, New You

01.02.2018 in AmeriCorps VISTA, Food Bank, National Site

For many people living in poverty, eating healthy is a luxury. Eating healthy has been marketed to the masses in America as something that costs a lot of money through purchases such as gym memberships, exercise equipment, and expensive dietary foods and supplements. That is…

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Repurposed Plums in Beer

25.01.2018 in AmeriCorps VISTA, Food Bank, Gleaning

In the summer of 2017, Spokane Edible Tree Project received a call from a tree owner whose plums had been damaged by hail. Though still perfectly edible, the cosmetic damage made the fruit undesirable by food banks.     Wanting to find a way to save…

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Whidbey Repurposes Apples

14.12.2017 in AmeriCorps VISTA, Food Bank, Gleaning

Harvest Against Hunger has partnered with Good Cheer Food Bank on Whidbey Island to expand and support Good Cheer Gleaners, their gleaning and produce recovery program. First year VISTA Kelly Pinkley breaks down how unwanted apples can be used to make something delicious and nutritious.  …

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09.11.2017 in Uncategorized

Harvest Against Hunger AmeriCorps VISTA member Juliann Finn is serving as the second year VISTA with the Washinton State University Extension of Clallam County. She describes a recent community project she supported in her community: Community champion and retired farmer Don Johnson donated 4,000 lbs. of…

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