Rotary First Harvest | Mike Shanahan Volunteer Award

Mike Shanahan Volunteer Award

Mike and Joann Shanahan

Rotary First Harvest is pleased to announce that we are accepting nominations for the 2017 Mike Shanahan Volunteer Award.  The award honors people who have volunteered in the efforts of hunger relief.

Mike — affectionately named “Captain Zucchini” — was the driving volunteer force in forming what is known today as Rotary First Harvest. His efforts were instrumental in creating an agency whose continued growth has proven to be a long-term, regional solution to hunger and food waste. Without his volunteer efforts for Rotary First Harvest and other hunger relief agencies, millions of pounds of fresh, wholesome produce would be missing from the food banks and hot meal programs of Washington state and filling our landfills.

A quote written in recognition of Mike Shanahan best describes the essence of what this award symbolizes. “Mike is one very special community statesman. He is utterly committed to doing what is both good and right – for the right reasons. He goes about getting the job done with creativity, brilliance, and courage. He is a special breed of human being and anyone who knows him as I do, would be deeply honored to be associated with him and what he stands for.”

Criteria for Nomination

1. The award will be given to an individual. More than one individual may be selected to receive the award.
2. The award will be based on the nominee’s volunteer service in the area of hunger relief (work-related efforts will be considered secondarily to their volunteer service).
3. The award will NOT be limited to local hunger relief efforts.
4. A Rotarian, through a Rotary Club, will sponsor the nominee. The Rotary Club can have
more than one nominee per year. The nominee does not have to be a Rotarian or related
to Rotary in any way. Rotarians are eligible.
5. A nominee who does not win the award in any one year may be sponsored again in
succeeding years. A previous award winner may be nominated for new efforts in succeeding years.

This year’s award ceremony will be from noon to 1:30 p.m. Friday, December 1st at Rotary Club of the University District meeting at the Seattle Yacht Club.